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AestheFill – a new era of collagen biostimulants






Aesthefill is an injectable treatment that provides deep tissue regeneration to reduce the signs of facial ageing. Aesthefill is made of Poly-D and L-lactic acid (PDLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable substance approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also used in the formulation of skin tightening threads. It naturally stimulates skin cells to produce their own collagen.

The product uses spherical particles of polylactic acid called thermoplastic and biodegradable polylactide, which is derived from the polymerisation of corn or potato starch. The biodegradation of the gel is self-sustained: the hydrolysis of the polylactide leads to its gradual breakdown into lactic acid and glycogen, followed by its natural elimination from the body.

As soon as the product enters the skin, it begins to actively fill the voids caused by skin ageing and the loss of its own structural proteins. At the target site, the polylactide molecules immediately start the process of tissue renewal and collagen formation, resulting in a complete restoration of the skin’s volume and the smoothing out of even the deepest wrinkles. This is due to the special properties of the AestheFill molecules, which, thanks to their porous structure, ensure the most efficient collagenogenesis. Fibroblasts (skin cells) start working both outside and inside the microspheres.

In addition, polylactic acid actively stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells. The uniqueness of the filler lies in the fact that once the main active ingredient has been broken down and completely removed from the body (a process that takes an average of 3 to 4 months), new collagen and elastin are left in the area where the gel has been placed, rather than a vacuum. Therefore, the effect will last for a long time, until the degradation of the own collagen and elastin due to the effects of age factors begins. At that point, the procedure can be repeated. The polylactide in AestheFill hydrogel has a porous structure with finely dispersed, uniformly sized particles, so that the gel is distributed evenly over the skin.

The main indications for the use of AestheFill hydrogel are:
– Lipodystrophy of the face, neck, décolleté and hands, which leads to loss of skin volume, sagging, loss of elasticity and loss of density;
– sunken areas of the face – sunken cheeks, cheekbones, sunken nasolabial groove and tear trough;
– deep wrinkles (at the corners of the eyes, around the mouth, in the nasolabial folds and in the forehead);
– atrophic and post-operative scars;
– distortions of facial shapes and contours (asymmetry, volume loss).

The product is injected directly into the most problematic areas or applied to the whole face if the skin appears sagging, dehydrated and atonic. The treatment ends with a light massage, during which the inner layers of the skin are evenly filled with the gel.

Aesthefill – fast and lasting results

The results are visible after the first treatment. Wrinkles are smoothed out and visible volume is created. It is true that a week after AestheFill injections, there may still be a slight reduction in volume (the water, the solvent of the drug, will have drained from the treated area), but this will not affect the quality of the result.

Polylactic acid and AestheFill based on polylactic acid are safe for the body. As mentioned above, polylactic acid is naturally excreted from the body. This means that the patient should not have to worry about health problems related to the presence of non-degradable polymers in the body. The product does not migrate into adjacent tissues. All polylactic acid molecules injected into the dermis remain in the desired layer and firmly maintain volume in the injection area.

An additional advantage is the regular geometric shape of the polylactic acid particles, which prevents blockage of small blood vessels. AestheFill’s advantages include the fact that the doctor can stop the desired concentration during the procedure and work at different levels of the dermis (deep and superficial).

Discover the benefits of Poly-D and L-lactic acid (PDLLA) with AestheFill

The main ingredient in AestheFill products is PDLLA (poly-D, L-lactic acid). It is a unique combination of D- and L-lactide that ensures a porous microsphere structure, uniform collagen production, fast suspension preparation, and a uniform structure without clumps. The spherical shape of the PDLLA particles ensures optimal safety and reliability, confirmed by clinical studies and the FDA. AestheFill injections result in the formation of collagen fibres with strong covalent bonds. The spherical shape of the particles ensures a high percentage of fibroblasts for the formation of new collagen. The effect of AestheFill is to tighten the skin, replenish the natural volume and restore the contours lost with age. AestheFill has been successfully used to treat scars, including after acne.

In summary, AestheFill Poly-D and L-lactic acid (PDLLA) dermal filler works in the deep dermis to gradually stimulate collagen production to correct wrinkles, skin unevenness and to reverse the loss of facial volume due to the ageing process. AestheFill is used for the temporary correction of skin dimpling by injecting it into the subcutaneous layer of the facial skin. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, AestheFill replaces lost collagen more subtly over time and replenishes facial volume, giving you a more natural appearance. Do you want to surprise your customers with a new innovation in the dermal fillers market – the effective AestheFill injectables? Contact your manager or send an email to!


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