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CooLifting – a modern and fast skin rejuvenation procedure!

Looking for new ways to care for facial skin? Current measures do not produce the desired result?

Introducing CooLifting – a simple, effective way to rejuvenate in 5 minutes!

The essence of the procedure is that with the help of a special device, using carbon dioxide and cooling the tissues, the facial skin is nourished with a regenerating preparation. No needles, scalpels or rehabilitation, the procedure lasts only 5 minutes!

CooLifting is an effective tool that delivers both instant and long-term results. Number of sessions: you can choose one-time session possible, multiple sessions (3-4 procedures per month – 1 procedure per week), recommended maintenance treatment – 1 procedure every month.

Advantages of this procedure:

  • The procedure is quick. The session lasts 5 minutes. The number of procedures is expected during the first consultation.
  • The procedure is extremely effective. The minutes you devote to the procedure will turn into the year your skin rejuvenates.
  • The procedure is painless. No needles and no scalpels – the procedure is performed using a special technology, non-invasive.
  • There is no rehabilitation period. After the procedure you can immediately return to daily rhythm, there are no negative signs of the procedure. On the contrary, the result is immediately visible, making it the ideal procedure for a major event, reception or party.
  • Possible to combine with other procedures. Coolifting removes redness, helping to relieve blemishes that occur after other facial treatments.

Positive changes after the procedure:

  • The skin will become smoother and rejuvenated;
  • The skin will become firmer and more elastic;
  • Cleaner and more radiant facial skin;
  • Simplify daily skin care;
  • The skin will become more resistant to external influences;
  • Surfaces will disappear and large wrinkles will shrink;
  • Improve lymph metabolism and blood flow in facial tissues;

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