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Aesthefill is an injectable treatment that provides deep tissue regeneration to reduce the signs of facial ageing. Aesthefill is made of Poly-D and L-lactic acid (PDLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable substance approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also used in the formulation of skin tightening threads. It naturally stimulates skin cells to produce their own collagen.

The main ingredient in AestheFill products is PDLLA (poly-D, L-lactic acid). It is a unique combination of D- and L-lactide that ensures a porous microsphere structure, uniform collagen production, fast suspension preparation and a uniform structure without clumps. The spherical shape of the PDLLA particles ensures optimal safety and reliability, confirmed by clinical studies and the FDA. AestheFill injections result in the formation of collagen fibres with strong covalent bonds. The spherical shape of the particles ensures a high percentage of fibroblasts for the formation of new collagen. The effect of AestheFill is to tighten the skin, replenish the natural volume and restore the contours lost with age.

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