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CooLifting provides a way to take care of your facial skin quickly and easily.

The essence of the procedure is that with the help of a special device, using carbon dioxide while cooling the tissues, the facial skin is nourished with a regenerating preparation.

After a 5 minute procedure:
– Smooth, rejuvenated and radiant skin;
– Activated collagen and elastin production;
– Reduced wrinkles and easier skin care;
– No needles, scalpels or rehabilitation.

The CooLifting gun delivers a strong flow of CO2 to the skin, combining a particularly high concentration of atomized substances at very high pressures and low temperatures.

Cold CO2 flow and atomized substances together with high pressure cause paradoxical vascular motility: narrowing of blood vessels and their dilation. Feeling a strong cold stimulus, the blood vessels narrow and dilate to recover.

Cryophoresis and Barophoresis – the combination of cold and high pressure causes a strong penetration of Coolifting active ingredients and an exponential increase in its effect.
Heat shock causes lower tissue stimulation. These tissues are typically present at approximately 36ºC (97ºF), so a sudden drop in temperature causes a deep and instantaneous dermal reaction.

Simple, effective, non-invasive and quick treatment: the procedure lasts 5 minutes. The symbiosis between high concentrations of anti-aging active ingredients and effective epidermal activation allows it to penetrate in ways that have not been previously achieved.

Coolifting treatment consists of different types of products that are used with CO2 cartridges and the Coolifting device.

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