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D-LAB – 100% natural, French-made supplements designed to nurture your health and beauty!

Developed by health and beauty experts, D-LAB cosmetic capsules are filled with natural and powerful ingredients to provide an inner source to help each of you nourish your natural beauty. D-LAB supplements are designed to meet specific beauty habits, providing transformative and long-lasting results.

Malnutrition, stress and air pollution are the main factors that affect the appearance of our skin and hair. In the long run, when toxins remain in our body, we can begin to feel an imbalance of nerves and hormones, a weakening of the immune system, which causes hair to lose strength, shine. Our skin becomes gray, loses elasticity and rashes of various origins begin to appear. The general well-being of the body is impaired. When faced with these problems, D-Lab rushes to the rescue.

D-LAB Nutricosmetics carefully selects the seeds in its dietary supplements, choosing to work with local Auvergne cooperatives and harvesting associations. D-LAB is a leader in innovation and ecology, using extraction methods based on water vapor and supercritical CO2, excluding solvents from petrochemicals.

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