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Nee Make Up Milano

Nee Make Up Milano is a professional cosmetics brand that invites you to establish a connection with nature through self expression. Founded in the 90s in Lisbon, a town near Milan, Nee Make Up creates harmony between two worlds: a fashion-bustling, active city life and a quiet, nature-filled countryside. The idea is reflected in the colors of Nee Make Up products – neutral, brown, peachy and green tones inspired by the Italian landscape can be seen in most of the eyeshadows, but these colors are balanced out by rich, bright lipsticks. These products show that luxury and nature can be combined in a make-up look. The products are rich in natural active ingredients, so the facial skin is beautified and nurtured at the same time. The composition of the products is often enriched with vitamins, pearl dust, hyaluronic acid, peptides and flower extracts thus testifying to the company’s priorities: the aim to create make-up that will not only adorn but also benefit the skin.

Representatives of Nee Make Up have mentioned that the most beautiful face is one that’s decorated by bright, healthy radiant skin and expressive, captivating eyes. Nee Make Up is a high fashion brand used and appreciated by many famous make-up artists and celebrity stylists. Nee Make Up Milano – love from the very first stroke!

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