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Teoxane is a Swiss company that produces hyaluronic acid-based skin fillers and skin care products. They are the current leaders of the aesthetic medicine market.
Teoxane was established in Geneva, in 2003. Due to their uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and the satisfaction of their clients, Teoxane is now among the top 3 manufacturers of hyaluronic acid-based skin fillers in the world, with their products being distributed in more than 80 countries.
Since Teoxane was founded, their main goal has been to meet the needs of a very demanding market by developing innovative, top-quality products while maintaining safety standards. The year 2015 marks a new era of dynamic aesthetics that continue a tradition of hyaluronic acid mastery and innovation.
In 2009 Teoxane has developed their authentic ‟Cosmeceuticals” skin care line and continues to create innovative products year after year.

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