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TTV Lift Peel

TTV Lift Peel is a formula made for non-needle mesotherapy products that contains growth factors (epidermis, insulin-like keratinocyte and fibroblast growth factor, thioredoxin) and biomimetic peptides that act on different layers of the skin and are synthesized naturally in humans. Because these substances are identical to those that are synthesized in the human body, the active ingredients of TTV Lift Peel integrate harmoniously into the natural biochemical processes of the skin, are completely safe and do not cause allergic reactions.
The 5 biomimetic peptides used in the TTV Lift Peel system have a very wide range of physiological effects in the deepest layers of the skin, which are accessed by nanocapsules.
Biomimetic peptides are proteins composed of several amino acids identical to those synthesized in the human body, when acting in sync with growth factors they are able to slow down skin aging. They attach to cellular receptors and regulate the activity of keratinocytes and fibroblasts at the transcriptional level of genes. Vivo clinical studies have confirmed that biomimetic peptides stimulate fibroblasts (collagen-synthesizing cells) to multiplicate actively. A denser network of collagen fibers is observed histologically in the skin as early as 2 weeks after the procedure, and the fibers become thicker.
– Skin aging;
– Aging caused by sunlight;
– Inflammatory acne;
– Damaged skin;
– Stretch marks.
– Immediately improved and plumper skin;
– After 2 weeks: smoother and more elastic skin;
– Reduction of wrinkles.

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