Trendy Hair Bleaching Cream


Hair lightening cream with a low concentration of ammonia, suitable for any lightening technique and does not dry the hair.

Usage: shake before use. In a plastic container, mix 1 part lightening cream with 2 parts 3 %, 6 %, 9 % or 12 % oxidant (mixing ratio 1 : 2). Stir with a hair dye brush or spatula until a smooth creamy texture is obtained and apply to dry, unwashed hair. Illumination time 20 – 50 minutes.
After lightening, rinse your hair well with warm water until you have completely removed any product residue.

Select the strength of the oxidant according to the desired lightening level, hair condition and type.
Use 6 % oxidant to get a 3 / 4 tone lighter result.
Use 9 % oxidant to get a 5 / 6 tone lighter result.
Use 12 % oxidant to get a 6 / 7 tone lighter result.
3 % oxidant is used only to remove hair pigment.

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