Anatomical SEBBIN breast implants


Anatomical breast implants consist of a super firm consistency gel, a suitable shell and optimal filling. The softness and good memory properties of the gel guarantee a good distribution inside of the shell, a natural look and touch. Macro texturing enables cells to adhere to the shell surface and thus limit the risk of the implant rotating in the pocket.


Best anatomical shape:

  • Pleasant top layer;
  • Excellent terrain, optimal filling;
  • Natural look and feeling.
  • Texture: firm enough to limit the rotation and movement of the implant.
  • Product specifications:
  • Natural shape of the chest with a slight deviation of the upper pole;
  • Highly viscous gel: stable implant shape;
  • Customized breast implants are adapted to different morphologies and body shapes;
  • Excessive inflammatory reactions are avoided.
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