Beyond II Whitening Accelerator teeth whitening lamp


Beyond II Whitening Accelerator is a teeth whitening lamp with high-intensity LED light output, which provides better whitening results in a shorter time. The unique design of the device allows you to focus perfectly on each procedure, ensuring quality results. Along with enhanced features, the Beyond II Whitening Accelerator teeth whitening lamp ensures a safe and effective procedure.

Device description:
– The most advanced bleaching system with light filtration ensures safety and convenience;
– Harmful ultraviolet rays and heat are filtered through the optical system of the lens and 12,000 optical fibers;
– Powerful 150 watt halogen lamp emits high intensity blue light (480-520 nanometers wavelength) and results in faster bleaching results;
– Emits a lower temperature than other similar devices, gives the patient a greater sense of comfort and reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity;
– Safe, light, professional whitening results in 30 minutes.

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