Beyond Polus Advanced teeth whitening lamp


Beyond Polus Advanced – the new LightBridge technology for teeth whitening combines halogen and LED into a light blue whitening light spectrum. It is an innovative technology with a state-of-the-art filtration system with 30 lenses that are coated with 200,000 optical layers, providing excellent protection against the heat emitted by ultraviolet rays into the tooth tissue. This system allows you to have whiter teeth in just 30 minutes.

Device description:
– Halogen teeth whitening device, LED lamp and low level laser therapy (LLLT);
– Powerful halogen lamp ensures the best results;
– Unique LightBridge ™ light technology;
– Gentle but intense light ensures excellent treatment for each patient;
– Possibility of one tooth whitening – for accurate and tailored results;
– Advanced light filtration system prevents the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring patient safety and comfort;
– Powerful, double-wave LED light can be used to treat any teeth whitening agent.

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