Birdie_Packshots Essentialforskin

Provides Deep Nutrition

60 capsules

If we had to summarize Essential for skin in a few words? Your skin in better! This formula takes care of the skin from the inside to reveal its beauty day after day. Like a moisturizer 2.0 in natural capsule form, it deeply nourishes and protects against external aggressions. The skin’s texture is enhanced without the need for filters… Phew!

Use: 2 capsules per day

Ingredients (2 capsules): Brewer’s yeast 200 mg (of which Vitamin B3 16 mg 100% VNR1; Vitamin B5 6 mg 100% VNR1; Vitamin B2 1,4 mg 100% VNR1; Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 100% VNR1; Vitamin B1 1,1 mg 100% VNR1 ; Vitamin B9 0,2 mg 100% VNR1 ; Vitamin B8 0,05 mg 100% VNR1 ; Vitamin B12 0,0025 mg 100%VNR1) ; Gum acacia 160 mg ; Spirulina 60 mg ; Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; Rose centifolia extract 50 mg (EPS2 100 mg); Grape seed extract titrated in OPC 18,66 mg (EPS2 373,2 mg); Zinc 7,5 mg 75% VNR1; Selenium 55 µg 100% VNR1; Rice extract.

Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Vegan & Gluten free. No GMOs.

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