Sleep Elixir

20 ml dropper bottle (contains 30 doses)

Stress, anxiety, difficult digestion, blue light emitted by screens: many factors threaten the serenity of our nights. This liquid food supplement made from melatonin and plant extracts helps you fall asleep and regulates your sleep cycles so that you can return to the arms of Morpheus at lightning speed. Psst: it is a great ally to take everywhere with you to say goodbye to jet-lag!

Use: Dilute 17 drops (the equivalent of a full eyedropper) in water, tea or herbal tea. To be taken in the evening, before going to bed.

Ingredients (17 drops): Bulking agent: purified water; stabilizer: glycerin; natural colorant: anthocyanins²; Red fruit flavouring; Poppy extract 30 mg (EPS¹ 150 mg); Stevia; Hawthorn extract 2.7 mg (EPS¹ 27 mg); Acidifier: citric acid; Melatonin 1 mg; Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Contains sulphites (Anthocyanins).

Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Vegan & Gluten free. No GMOs.

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