D-LAB Nutricosmetics Complexe Cycle Feminin


„Complexe cycle Feminin“ is a natural supplement that deals with PMS symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, sensitivity, digestive issues. The daily fluctuation in hormones and the phases of the menstrual cycle affect behaviour, emotions as well as the functions of the body. 80% of women experience the emotional and physical symptoms of a varying intensity during the period (or as early as 10 days before it starts). Skin and hair are also likely to be affected by the phases of the cycle: skin may break out, sebum production increases and pores become larger, hair gets oily and greasy way quicker. This supplement which balances the hormonal system also supports fertility, menopause, and cycle regulation.

– Myo – inositol affects serotonin and stimulates the „happiness hormone“ which, in turn, encourages good mood. It also improves sensitivity to insulin that causes the weight gain while on period;
– Yarrow extract has a calming effect on the ovaries and uterus (cramp reduction);
– Marine magnesium protects from the high levels of stress by prohibitting cortisol from being released and as a result, the anxiety and irritability levels are reduced;
– Proven by the clinical trials, iron lowers irritability, reduces cyclical breast pain and fatigue;
– Symplocos racemosa bark extract (which is more highly concentrated compared to other drought resistant plants) regulates the hormonal system throughout the whole duration of the period;
– Yarrow extract stabilises the sebum production, thus reducing the likelihood of new spots appearing;
– Vitamin B6 regulates the sebum production on the scalp therefore hair is not as greasy while on period;
– Rosa canina extract (which is more highly concentrated compared to other drought resistant plants) maintains the pH balance within the woman’s body;
– Cranberries are one of the most effective solutions for maintaining a healthy urinary tract and warding off various infections;
– Vitamin D3 regulates the cell growth, which is important for maintaining the reproductive health;
– Zinc is an essential mineral that maintains reproductive health;

Packaging size and usage: 56 vegan capsules in a bottle.
Usage: take 2 capsules at any point of the day. Recommended usage: a 3-month course or throughout the year if required.
No side effects. Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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