D-LAB Nutricosmetics Absolu de Collagene


Collagen is a protein that is naturally synthesized within the human body. Its main purpose is to keep the skin and connective tissue firm. Starting at the age of 25 and onwards, collagen production starts to decrease and the first symptoms of aging appear. In order to effectively target the apperance of wrinkles, D-LAB uses only the best quality ingredients in their formulas while also bearing in mind the integral skin components: this formula contains 94% marine collagen mixed together with elastic fibres.
The efficacy of this supplement‘s effect on wrinkles and hydrating the skin was proven by the clinical trials: resilience to the external factors and the moisture balance has increased throughout the first month of participating in the programme.

This supplement is suitable for you:
– If your skin is thin and fragile;
– If you have mature skin or deep wrinkles in the area under and around the eyes;
– If there is a need for preventative measures regarding the appearance of wrinkles and/or their reduction;
– If the skin is sagging, particularly in the eye area or you suffer from an uneven skin on the lower part of the face or droopy eyelids.

Packaging size and usage: 84 capsules in a bottle. Take 3 – 4 capsules a day. Recommended usage: 28 days. Recommended time of usage: no shorter than 3 months.
No side effects. Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Contains marine collagen, may contain traces of fish byproducts.

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