D-LAB Nutricosmetics Complexe Lacher Prise


Complexe Lacher Prise stress relieving complex comprises of active ingredients derived from adaptogens which are famous for supporting the balance of the nervous system, managing the endocrine system as well as maintaining the immune system and enhancing its resistance to stress. This adaptogen complex acts gradually by mitigating the damaging effects stress has on the body, reducing the tension and treating sleep disorders.

– This stress reduction complex consists of a broad spectrum active ingredients that improve the condition of the body and improve resistance to stress;
– Active ingredients target the neuro – hormonal system so as to ensure a better sleep quality every night;
– Antibacterial properties of the active ingredients work effectively and selectively on the immune system and improve the levels of the natural defence.

Packaging size and usage: 56 vegan capsules in a bottle.
Usage: take 2 capsules a day depending on your personal situation, either in the morning if you feel stressed during the day or in the evening if you want to sleep peacefully. Recommended usage: a 3-month course.
No side effects. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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