D-LAB Nutricosmetics Absolu De Keratine


„Absolu De Keratine“ ingredient list consists of a new, innovative and natural type of keratin that prevents hair loss. This type of patented keratin is bioavailable and acts directly on the scalp and skin. As a result, hair volume is increased, hair colour is revived, your hair becomes shinier than it was ever before, and as an extra benefit, hair loss can be prevented as well.

Hair loss prevention and maintaining healthy capillaries:
– 100 % of customers agree that the hair loss they experience has decreased since they have started using this supplement;
– Your hair becomes stronger and suffers less damage from washing and combing it;
– Hair grows better, particularly during the anagen phase (the beginning of the hair growth). 90 % of the customers who tried these supplements agreed with this claim.

– An improvement in hair structure;
– An improvement in hair texture: shinier and glossier hair;
– An obvious improvement in both the scalp and hair condition;
– Your nails become approximately two times stronger than before.

This supplement is suitable for you:
– If your hair is damaged;
– If your hair is coloured or constantly suffers from the heat of hair straighteners;
– If you suffer from hair loss that was caused by the changing weather;
– If your nails are fragile and brittle.

Packaging size and usage instructions: 28 capsules in a bottle. Take 1 capsule a day. It is recommended to use the supplement for at least 30 days. Recommended time of usage: a 3-month programme. You may repeat the course if required.
No side effects. No unwanted effects. Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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