Dermlite DL4 Dermatoscope


The fourth generation DermLite dermatoscope has been perfected in every detail. The beautifully smooth, ergonomically optimized aluminum exterior is easy to disinfect and convenient to hold in hand. The DermLite DL4 offers phenomenal versatility, maximum pocket-sized DermLite optics and direct on / off control

– Large 30 mm lens;

– Brightness adjustment;

– Two color spectrums;

– Two brightness levels;

– Long battery life;

– Larger field of view (using a ø30 mm lens);

The glass front panel (with 10 mm mesh) can be used for smartphones such as iPad, iPhone and more – they can be attached magnetically and allow faster clinical and dermatoscopic images.

The DermLite DL4 Retractable Contact Plate allows you to switch more smoothly between contact and non-contact methods – no need to remove certain parts and you can focus the image precisely in contact with the skin. The high-power DermLite DL4 LEDs and rechargeable battery emit light extremely efficiently.

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