Juliette Armand Brightening


This cocktail contains peptides, vitamin C and alpha arbutin. Brightens the skin, diminishes visible sunspots, and evens the skin tone.

Main characteristics:
– The cocktail consists of 3 biomimetic peptides (oligopeptide -34, -51, -58), vitamin C (AA2G) and alpha arbutin;
– Once they have bonded with certain receptors, peptides start to act as delivery mediums;
– Oligopeptide-34 reduces the production of melanin, the synthesis of tyrosinase within the melanocytes as well as the transference of melanosomes into newly developed keratinocytes;
– Oligopeptide-51 reduces the appearance of freckles and spots, increases the moisture level within the skin and keep the complexion even;
– Oligopeptide-58 protects the skin from harmful sun rays, reduces visible spots and brightens the skin;
– Oligopeptides -34 and -51 act as powerful ingredients which boost the overall efficacy of this cocktail;
– Peptide activity is strengthened by AA2G, which partakes in the inhibition of melanin production within the melanocytes due to its ability to break down both the existing particles and hinder the development of the new ones;
– Alpha arbutin blocks the biosynthesis of melanin in the epidermis by inhibiting tyrosine conversion and DOPA (dihydroxyphenylalanine) oxidation process, resulting in a more even complexion, faded freckles and less visible sunspots.

Indications: uneven and dull skin, hyperpigmentation, photoaging, freckles, sunspots.

Package contains 5 vials of 5ml.

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