Juliette Armand Calming Bliss


Possesses soothing and moisturising qualities. May be used as a soothing cream, as a mask after exfoliating procedures or to reduce overall redness.

Indications: irritation, erythema, inflammatory conditions.

– Allantoin is known for his anaplastic properties;
– Bisabolol, is an ingredient derived from plants. Contains an active ingredient called azulene, a compound which is extracted from camomile and possesses soothing, softening, and anti-inflammatory qualities;
– Panthenol belongs to the group of B vitamins and has healing, moisturising, protective and anti-inflammatory properties;
– Aloe vera gel could be regarded as a natural vitamin smoothie because it contains vitamins C and E, enzymes, amino acids, and more than 200 other beneficial ingredients. It can moisturise the skin, soothe irritation, and provide relief from the burning sensation;
– Centella asiatica extract stimulates collagen synthesis, supports skin tightening and regenerating mechanisms, in addition to that it also has antioedematous properties;
– Methyl salicylate is a methyl ester of salicylic acid, it soothes and revitalizes the skin so it becomes particularly soft and smooth.

Usage: massage into irritated areas of skin until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

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