Juliette Armand Chronos Therapy Kit


Chronos Therapy is a procedure that protects the skin and makes the signs of aging less visible. It acts as a protective barrier against the three main causes that actively age the skin: water loss, oxidative stress and biological processes. It provides deep hydration and has an antioxidant effect, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis and improves the fibroblast functioning.

Indications: hyperpigmentation caused by aging.

Active ingredients: HMW sodium hyaluronate, LMW sodium hyaluronate, Lanablue, lipoic acid, biopeptide CL, biopeptide EL, soy isoflavones.

The results:
– Reduces the depth of fine lines – 39 %;
– Reduces the size of fine lines – 23 %;
– Stimulates the sythesis of glucosamine (in vitro) – 146 %;
– Stimulates collagen synthesis (in vitro) – 350 %.

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