Juliette Armand Chronos Wrinkle Correction Cream


Anti-wrinkle cream that visibly reduces the signs of aging.

Stimulates the collagen production for a firmer, glowing, more radiant skin while also regenerating skin cells that have already sustained some damage.

This product fights the free radical damage that causes both visible and invisible signs of aging. It enhances skin’s protective qualities and stimulates the cells for a younger, fresher looking skin.

Suitable for ages: 40 – 60 +.
Dosage: approx. 2 ml.
Skin type: combination, dry and normal.

Main ingredients: XS sodium hyaluronate, malus domestica extract, EUK-134, kelifluo, DHAE, lipoic acid, vitamin E, phytosqual, soy isoflavones, simmondsia chinensis oil, alistin.

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