Juliette Armand Exfoliating Enzyme Lotion


For professional use only. This lotion contains arginine and amino acids and may be combined with Exfoliating Enzyme Mask. Exfoliating and refreshing face gel that contains prickly pear extract. Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Exfoliating gel brings new skin cells to the surface by removing dead skin cells. A great alternative to either physical or chemical exfoliation as it is suitable for both sensitive and acne prone skin. Does not cause irritation. Firms and brightens the skin, prickly pear extract accelerates the natural exfoliation and enzyme activity level.

Instructions: apply to clean skin after you have mixed it with Exfoliating Enzyme Mask. Leave it on for 10 mins. After the treatment you may apply a gel or cream of your choice.

Main ingredients: papain, bromelain, mannitol, arginine.

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