Juliette Armand Green Argile Face Mask


A cleansing, exfoliating mask made for an oily, acne prone and combination skin.

An exfoliating green clay mask, consisting of natural ingredients such as witch hazel, plantago, lemon and cucumber extracts. This mask deep cleans the skin, opens the pores, controls oiliness and supports skin detox. Delivers an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cooling effect. To achieve the best results when using on oily and combination skin, it is suggested to use this product for physical exfoliation coupled with skin cleansing.

Instructions: use a small amount for the whole face. Leave it on for approx. 15 – 20 min. until it is absorbed, then wash it off with water.

Dosage: approx. 4ml.

Main ingredients: green clay, perlite, plantago extract, lemon extract, cucumber extract, witch hazel extract, allantoin.

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