Juliette Armand Hydra Calming Cream


Soothing and moisturising cream for sensitive and irritated skin.

Due to the combination of calming extracts, this product is an ideal choice for sensitive and irritated skin. It reduces erythema, moisturises, and protects even the most sensitive skin. Glycofilm, dermasooth, aloe vera, D-panthenol and camomile oil reinforce the defence against free radicals, protects from oxidative stress and pollution, reduces inflammation and redness caused by external factors.
It is suitable for everyday hydration of all skin types. Suitable for men: a great product to use as an after-shave care.

Instructions: gently apply the product to the face and wait until it absorbs.

Dosage: approx. 2ml.

Main ingredients: camomile extract, aloe vera extract, panthenol, shea butter.

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