Juliette Armand Hydra Cleansing Milk


Cleansing milk that removes dirt and makeup. Enriched with moisturizing, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. The cleansing milk has a creamy texture, is easily absorbed into the skin, deeply cleanses pores and does not irritate the skin. Contains chamomile and green aloe extracts that soften, soothe and moisturize the skin.

Age groups: 15 – 24, 25 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 -5 9, 60 +.

Usage: dampen a cotton swab with a detergent and clean the face in a circular motion. Wipe off any remaining product with a damp cotton swab.

Dosage: 1.5 ml / application.

Skin type: sensitive, combination, dry, normal.

Specific ingredients: cleansing complex, chamomile, aloe.

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