Juliette Armand Lactic Acid 50 %


Main features:
– Lactic acid is one of the acids which belong to the alpha hydroxy group and is derived from cow‘s milk;
– Due to the bigger molecular mass, its keratolytic effect is slightly gentler than that of a glycolic acid. As a result, skin irritation may be avoided;
– Lactic acid impairs the bond between keratinocytes within the outer layer so the keratinocytes become smaller in size. In addition to that it also possesses the ability to regenerate the skin;
– While stratum corneum gently peels away, the cell turnover process is happening as well. This process stimulates the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans that are the building material of the intercellular layer;
– Due to the natural moisturising effect, the production of ceramides increases and the function of the keratin barrier improves;
– The combination of such properties as gentle exfoliation, regeneration and hydration makes it an ideal choice for a sensitive, dehydrated skin and those, who have never tried chemical exfoliants before.

Indications: sensitive and dry skin, melasma, hyperkeratosis, wrinkles, rosacea, photoaging.

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