Juliette Armand Rejuvin


“Rejuvin” consists of MMW hyaluronic acid, 5 Biomimetic peptides (Oligopeptide-20, -24, -34, -51 and Decapeptide-40), 3 vitamins (AA2G, PP, panthenol), DNR – RNR complex, arginine, moisturising agent Unimoist U – 125NP.
This active ingredient cocktail moisturises the skin, reduces wrinkles and improves skin’s volume. It enhances elasticity, encourages collagen and elastin production.

Main characteristics:
– Hyaluronic acid binds to water molecules. By doing so it moisturises the skin, makes it supple and reduces the wrinkles;
– Oligopeptide-20 and Oligopeptide-24 both have a powerful anti-aging effect. They play a part in skin renewal and healing. They reduce the wrinkles by encouraging the production of new skin cells and improving skin’s elasticity. In addition to that, they also support collagen and elastin synthesis;
– Decapeptide-4 is a firming and anti-aging peptide. It improves skin elasticity by increasing the collagen and elastin production. It is a great preventative measure for wrinkles as it stimulates the new cell regeneration process and heals the wounds;
– Oligopeptide-34 decreases melanin production, reduces the effect tyrosinase has on melanocytes and encourages the transference of melanosomes into the new keratinocytes;
– Oligopeptide-51 reduces the visibility of freckles and sun spots. It improves the moisture level and evens the skintone by reducing discoloration. Oligopeptides-34 and -51 also act like agents that strengthen the efficacy of other ingredients;
– AA2G encourages the collagen synthesis within the fibroblasts. It impairs the melanin production and has an anti-wrinkle effect;
– Vitamin PP, also known as niacin (one of the components of Vitamin B complex) has a calming and moisturing effect. It protects the skin‘s acid mantle (hydrolipidic film);
– Panthenol has a regenerating, moisturising, calming and anti-inflammatory properties. DNR – RNR complex supports the moisture level and skin regeneration;
– Unimoist U – 125 is a biotech ingredient, which contains saccharides and amino acids. It has the capacity to control the pH. Its moisturising properties are similar to skin’s NMF (natural moisturising factors);
– Arginine is an amino acid which improves blood circulation, therefore increasing the oxygen supply to the tissues. It also speeds up the skin renewal process.

Indications: dehydration, dry and pale skin, photoaging, deep static wrinkles or fine lines, roughness, loss of volume and firmness.

One package contains 5 vials of 5 ml.

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