Juliette Armand Repair Gel


A special gel that activates the cell regeneration process, exhilarates, and renews the skin, enhances the natural skin properties and restores its texture.

May be used after an intensive procedures and treatments as well as a part of a daily routine. May be used to treat a variety of skin concerns, including spots and scars.

Main features:
– Kelifluo, a powerful revitalizing ingredient which is known as one of the most effective solutions for the treatment of dermatitis. By creating a film on the top of the skin, it retains the moisture and protects the skin from harsh environmental factors such as heat or cold weather. It is hypoallergenic and significantly reduces both inflammation and redness;
– Dermonectin helps with wound healing, increases skin hydration levels and its elasticity;
– Pentavidin is a saccharide which can control skin moisture levels even when the skin is affected by the most extreme weather conditions;
– Panthenol is one of the B group vitamins, which regenerates, moisturises and calms the skin down as well as protects it from inflammation and irritation.

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