Mucosamin Radioderm Spray


Radioderm protects the skin in the early stages of radiotherapy-induced damage or dermatitis. It has a preventive effect on the progression of tissue damage and reduces redness, itching and burning in the area exposed to ionizing radiation, encouraging the completion of treatment without undesired delay.
Radiodermatitis is a common side effect of radiotherapy that causes complications in the treatment of prostate, perineal, head and neck carcinomas in women. Early skin lesions cause redness and flaking of the skin. Subsequent skin lesions can lead to pigmentation, vascular changes, hair loss, atrophy, fibrosis, and wounds.

The preparation helps to:
– Preserve the protective function of the skin;
– Eliminate skin breakdown and dandruff;
– Facilitate the wound healing process.

The product contains hyaluronic acid, the main component of connective tissue and the amino acids of collagen. Due to the protective effect of the components, the product is suitable for the prevention and treatment of dermatitis during radiotherapy, for the treatment of head, neck and breast tumors, as well as for use in combination with chemotherapy.

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