Mucosamin Rectal Gel


Mucosamin Rectal Gel is a medical device whose main purpose is to protect the rectal mucosa. It is a liquid gel in microenema, consisting of hyaluronic acid, the main constituent of connective tissue, and amino acids to promote collagen formation. Collagen is used to promote the healing processes of the rectal mucosa and anus, as well as to reduce the pain caused by proctitis caused by radiotherapy / chemotherapy in the treatment of pelvic tumors.

Mucosamin Rectal Gel provides a protective layer on reddened or ulcerated mucous membranes, which is characterized by burning pain of varying intensity, reducing pain and burning sensation. Hyaluronic acid and amino acids promote collagen and epithelial regeneration and healing of the entire mucosa.

Mucosamin Rectal Gel, due to its convenient packaging, is easily used for the treatment of inflammation of the rectal mucosa and the inhibition of mucosal trophism to prevent the recurrence and onset of the disease.

Usage: thoroughly clean the damaged area before applying the product. Remove the cap, insert the applicator and press the sides to allow the gel to enter the affected area. If necessary, lubricate the applicator tip with a small amount of gel before use to facilitate insertion. After inserting the applicator spout, squeeze the sides firmly to allow the gel to enter the affected area. Microenema is disposable.

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