Robolex body contouring device


Robolex combines 4 technologies: low frequency ultrasound (cavitation), radio frequency, laser and vacuum.

– Low frequency ultrasound affects adipose tissue;

– Radio frequency affects the deep layers of the skin by heating the tissues and stimulating collagen production;

– Low intensity laser heats the tissues, causes the fat cells to shrink in size and boosts their breaking down process;

– Vacuum ensures even heat distribution between the tissues; it deep massages, stimulates lymph flow, and increases elasticity of the skin.

The combination of these four technologies effectively work together to reduce the signs of cellulite, stop its progress, effectively helps to slim, beautify the body, tightens, strengthens and rejuvenates sagging, uneven skin. The procedure is recommended after liposuction, childbirth, weight loss.

Technical characteristics:

– Input voltage: AC 110 ~ 220 V;

– Frequency: 50 / 60Hz;

– Power consumption: 500 VA;

– RF output (max.): 20 W (at 500 Ω);

– RF output frequency: 1 MHz ~ 1.8 MHz (RV 95, 60); 2-3 MHz (RV 25) (automatic frequency control);

– RF output type Multi (RV95, 60) BI (RV25);

– Vacuum max .: 0.8 bar (600 mmHg) (AC pump max. 2.1 bar);

– Laser: 655 nm (3 mW) -RV95.60;

– Ultrasound frequency (optional): 38 Khz.

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