Teosyal Ultra Deep


The main purpose of Teosyal Ultra Deep is to treat extremely deep wrinkles by restoring or giving volume to facial contours. The study, led by S.J. Falcone and others Dematological Surgery (2009) have shown that Teosyal Ultra Deep is the longest-lasting filler among 18 commercial skin fillers. While it is one of Teosyal’s most powerful products, Ultra Deep injections do not require an incision and are not traumatic to the patient. This means that the pain caused by the treatment will be basically similar to other treatments – minimal, and the results are impressive. The product is based on hyaluronic acid, which is of non-animal origin and provides an effective and long-lasting result. The results can be enjoyed immediately, perfect for sensitive skin as well.

– Concentration: 25 mg / g hyaluronic acid;
– Reticulation level: ++++;
– Needle: 26 g (thin needle);
– Packaging: syringes in a 2 x 1 ml (with lidocaine) or 2 x 1.2 ml box;
– Duration of action: 12 to 18 months;
– Depth of injection: deep layer of the dermis.

Usage: any Teosyal injections should be performed by a licensed medical professional who understands both aesthetic medicine and facial anatomy to avoid unwanted complications and to ensure patient safety. The injection should be given into the deep layer of the skin. The amount of product allowed is determined by the depth of the wrinkles.

– Creates and restores facial volume;
– Restores facial contours;
– Treats deep wrinkles;
– Eliminates skin wrinkles;
– Eliminates minor ptosis;
– Restores the natural shape of the face.

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