Teosyal RHA® 3


Have you been worried lately about “anger” wrinkles in your forehead or obvious lines that appear over the years? Are you worried that your natural appearance may change to solve this problem?

In this case, RHA 3 is the right choice for you. Today, Teoxane Laboratories is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of skin fillers. Research shows that these fillers strengthen the skin as it moves. Whatever facial expression you make, your appearance will remain natural.

Teosyal RHA 3 is a great tool for fighting deep facial wrinkles. The product can be used to enhance narrow lips. In addition, a topical analgesic is added: lidocaine for maximum comfort. The effect is natural and without swelling. Teosyal RHA 3 is a clear, sterile injectable gel made from cross-linked, non-animal hyaluronic acid.

– Active substances: 23 mg / ml hyaluronic acid;
– 3 mg / ml fast-acting lidocaine;
– Dissolved phosphate in a buffer solution with a pH of 7.3.

Duration of effect: in clinical trials, most products in this Teosyal range have been shown to last for approximately 6 to 9 months. Teosyal RHA 3 is biodegradable and absorbed into surrounding tissues.

Indications: filling of deep wrinkles in the nose, lips, restoration of facial shapes and puffiness of the lips.

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