Trendy Hair anti-age pH4 shampoo


Shampoo specifically designed for use after hair coloring. Gives constant shine and softness, maintains color intensity. Enriched with desert dates oil, cotton milk and vitamin E. A true beauty treatment for colored hair.
Suitable for frequent use.
In addition to SLES and parabens, pH4.

Dual function and smooth operation:
– After hair coloring: this shampoo has a pH of 4, so it helps to transfer the pigment to the hair and guarantees a long-lasting and radiant shade. Promotes the removal of alkaline residues and restores the pH of hair and skin. Has a balancing and moisturizing effect.
– For color maintenance: a protective shampoo specially formulated for all colored hair. Protects against oxidation (shade change) and color fading, maintains shade brightness and shine.

Usage: wet hair, distribute shampoo evenly and massage into scalp & hair. Rinse well. Repeat (as needed).

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