U225 Mesotherapy Gun


The French made U225 is the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently available on the market. This mesogun is one of the most popular mesotherapy guns available. It is fully automatic, powered by pneumatic pressure generated by an air compressor.

The U225 has two basic modes of function which allow continuous injection, intermittent injection a raffale and point-par-point. In the intermittent mode, the user can vary the injection frequency from 1 every 3 seconds to 300 per minute. This versatility can practically satisfy any technique. The rate of injection is also easily adjustable.

Pneumatic power:
– The pneumatic power separates this device from all others in the field. This unique specification allows this device significant added power allowing faster injection (which can be an issue often with viscous cocktails) as well as faster needle movement. The speed of needle allows a much faster skin puncture therefore rendering the needle entry virtually painless.

Needle syringe separation:
– During the injection process only the needle moves back and forth. This is in contrast with most other devices where the needle and syringe move as a unit. This provides added stability and less vibration while injecting. With only the needle moving, the mass impact to the patient’s skin is reduced, consequently decreasing trauma and pain.

No dripping or waste of medication:
– The dripping in between injections has been reduced to zero. This is possible by the unique blocking system in place, which fully obstructs the catheter once the needle is withdrawn. This feature renders the procedure cleaner and minimizes medication waste.

Depth adjustment:
– Depth is easily adjustable with a dial. An indicator shows the injection depth that was selected. This can vary from 0 to 10mm but may be advanced to 13mm with a gentle pressure on the skin while injecting.

These features allow the U225 to be used on all body areas ranging from the traditional areas like the abdomen and thigh to more sensitive areas such as the face, scalp and small joints.

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