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AMI INC was founded in 1998 as the name of Aesthetic Technology.

Network which is specialized for developing Aesthetic and General medical device widely for a long time and former name has changed as A.M.I (Aesthetic Medical Innovator) in 2012.

AMI is aiming to be a a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Aesthetic , Surgical, Dental and Cosmetic markets, and is a world-famous expert in design and developing energy-based technologies.

AMI lasers are the highest quality medical lasers in Lithuania.

– Lasers are highly functional: suitable for skin cleansing, stretching or firming, pigmentation or tattoo removal, hair removal, cryotherapy.

– High quality medical lasers come with a free 1 year warranty (with the option to extend the warranty for up to 3 years).

– The wide range of AMI lasers allows you to choose the most appropriate one for your dermatological, aesthetic and medical procedures!



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