Sebbin Breast Implants
Harmonious recovery of the body as a way to rebirth

 The process of producing breast implants takes place in a factory in France, in the valley of the valley;
 Silicone treatment is carried out manually;
 Each implant is marked with a laser and has a unique identification number that allows you to track its use;
 The same number is printed on the implant labels, one of which is affixed to the patient’s card, which is given to him after surgery.
 The product is certified with CE marking
 The medicinal product complies with the requirements of the EU directive
 Gel filling is based on the Naturgel ™ silicone gel, which has three consistencies: soft (SoftTouch analog), classic and sleek. Density choices depend on the breast gland
 SEBBIN Laboratory improves its high quality implant line for more than 26 years.
 Breast implants consist of a flexible silicone elastomeric sheath that provides the shape of the breast prosthesis and smoothly bundles with the body.


Anatomical SEBBIN breast implants

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Round SEBBIN breast implants

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