Weelko is a new concept that goes beyond wellness products. It is an attitude and a way of understanding well-being in a global scale. It is a way of caring the smallest details in order to look after people. To make those people enjoying equipment and furniture feel comfortable in the broadest sense of the word.

With this aim, company develop specific lines for beauty, Spa&wellness, physiotherapy and podiatry fields. All of them designed to guarantee the maximum well-being to professionals and to their patients, without forgetting those specialists in distribution who trust in the quality of they service.

Beauty salon equipment and furniture are automatically adjustable, pleasant texture, with easy to understand instructions. All furniture is warranted.

Cubo 2244A

Podiatrijos kėdė su labai stabiliu rėmu

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Extens 2232A

Minimalistinė podiatrijos kėdė

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Medial 2235C

Podiatrijos kėdė su labai stabilia struktūra

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Meta 4101

Pėdų Spa vonelė su 4 ratais, patogiam ir lengvam valdymui

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Navi 2237A

Aukšto lygio komforto pediatrijos kėdė

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Sol 2231A

Besisukanti podiatrijos kėdė su chromuotu stovu

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Tarse 2246A

Podiatrijos kėdė su labai stabilia struktūra ir aukšto lygio komfortu

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Twist WK_P001

Efektyvus lengvas aparatas su varikliu, skirtas podiatrijai

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