Meso Bot


For professional use only. This mesotherapeutic product is a great alternative to botox injections.

Even though botox is a tried and tested technique, it is expensive, may cause some side effects and has various contraindications so the procedure cannot be performed on pregnant or nursing women, people who take certain kinds of medication, people who suffer from particular ilnesses etc.

Meso Bot is based on the action of a peptide that possesses qualities that are similar to Botulinum toxin. Both in vitro and in vivo clinical trials show that this peptide relaxes muscles responsible for the facial expressions and therefore reduces mimic wrinkles (28 days after the procedure, skin texture is improved by 21%, wrinkles are reduced by 20%, skin becomes 15 % stronger and more resilient.

Main features:
– A patended formula containing peptides;
– Direct and long term action regarding wrinkle reduction;
– Directly affects the muscle receptors (mnAChR);
– A safe product without any contraindications.

How to use:
1. Apply the Pre-peeling onto the face and neck. Gently massage into the skin for 2 – 3 mins until the product is fully absorbed. Wash away with water.
2. Fill the syringe up with 1ml of the product. Use the product with a device of choice (LED therapy, electroporation device, derma roller etc.)
3. Apply 3 drops of SGHF serum which consists of GF 15 % + biomimetic peptides. Gently massage for 2 – 3 mins until fully absorbed.

The optimal number of procedures depends on skin type, age and lifestyle. Usually, 1 – 2 procedures every 20 days are required in order to achieve the best outcome. Bot – Ox Home Care is needed to maintain the results.

Package contains 5 x 5 ml vials.

Once opened, it needs to be used within 2 weeks. 1ml is usually enough to perform 1 procedure; 1 full vial may be used for 5 procedures.

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