Juliette Armand Apocalypsis Therapy Kit


Apocalypsis Therapy offers a medium strength chemical exfoliation (pH of 2,5).

All the ingredients (Spongilla, Fragilis and Ephydatia herb extracts and AHAs) provide a beneficial combination of exfoliating and refreshing qualities and as a result, can effectively reduce wrinkles, dyschromia, scarring and sunspots.

Kelifluo, panthenol and salycilic acid all have a soothing effect and can reduce the irritation and sensitivity caused by chemical peels.

– Phyto Peeling stimulates the cell renewal processes, removes old damaged skin cells and protects the skin from dyschromia;
– Stimulates the main skin functions, regenerates the tissue, increases elasticity and brightens the skin;
– Controls the sebum production and regulates keratinization process.

Indications: an exfoliating treatment used to reduce dyschromia (pigmentation and sunspots), lentigo and scarring. To reduce small wrinkles and to refresh the skin in order to make it look healthier and more youthful. It may also be used on acne prone skin as it regulates the sebum production process.

Active ingredients: glycolic acid, lactic acid, spongilla, fragilis, ephydatia, kelifluo, dermonectin, drieline, pentavitin, panthenol.

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