Juliette Armand Biogenic Caffeine 40 %


Biogenic caffeine is an active kind of an encapsulated caffeine in an oligomeric state that contains a high level of active ingredients (formulated without alcohol). Increases blood circulation, reduces cellulite, and has lipolytic properties.

Main features:
– Is easily absorbed and extremely suitable for the skin, and since it does not contain any alcohol, it may be used under and around the eyes;
– Stimulates the hydrolysis of triglycerides into the fatty acids and glycerol, and also reduces the volume of fat deposits;
– Controls water retention within the skin: this quality helps with the reduction of both cellulite and swelling under the eyes;
– Improves blood circulation, reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles and swelling.

Indications: localised fat, cellulite, water retention, bloating, dark under eye circles.

Package contains 5 vials of 5ml.

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