Juliette Armand Fat and Cellulite


A cocktail of active ingredients containing caffeine, artichoke, L-carnitine, peptides. Reduces volume, cellulite, detoxifies, increases skin elasticity.

Main features:
– Caffeine stimulates triglyceride hydrolysis into the free fatty acids and glycerine, as a result, reducing the fat deposits;
– Artichoke extract is used for detoxication and is also known to reduce cellulite and swelling;
– L-carnitine is an amino acid that stimulates the lipid transference from the cytoplasm into the mitochondria, where they are broken down into the fatty acids, thus speeding up the metabolism;
– Tripeptide-41 inhibits fat accumulation within the fat cells and induces the lipolysis;
– Decapeptide-4 and oligopeptide-61 increase skin elasticity and its ability to regenerate by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis;
– Oligopeptides -41, -51 and -61 add an extra boost and enhance the overall efficacy of the product.

Package contains 5 ampoules of 5 ml.

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