Sunekos CELL 15 - The new era of cellulite treatment


The new era of cellulite treatment Sunekos Cell 15 is the only formula that neutralizes acidosis and rearranges the intercellular matrix. The key to successful non-invasive cellulite treatment.


The product consists of:

  1. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) 200 kD – targeted stimulating action on fibroblasts, through binding with specific receptors or HA fragments.
  2. Amino acids (AA) – optimal neo-synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  3. Carbonate and Bicarbonate salts – for the neutralization of typical acidosis in latent inflammation that characterizes both the early and late stages of the cellulite.

The synergy of the mix of HA+AA and an Alkaline Solution determines the physiological induction of the precise mechanisms to improve the structure of ECM, adjusting micro circulation and reducing fibrosis.

Sunekos cell acts: 

Optimization of the ECM protein turnover

Improvement of the micro=circulation

Re-equilibrium of the ECM inflammation reducing fibrosis.



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