Teoxane Radiant Night Peel


A mixture of concentrated (15 %) glycolic acid and RHA. A tool for use at home before and between chemical treatments. Due to the high concentration of glycolic acid, cell renewal is accelerated and helps to fight hyperkeratosis (thickening of the superficial epidermal layer, uneven skin texture), enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation spots.

Usage: apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin in the evening, avoiding eye and lip contours.

If used alone (21 day program): use 21 days each evening. It is recommended to perform 2 procedures per year. For a more effective result use 2 – 4 times a year, distributing the procedures every 3 months, avoiding the summer period.

Part of the medical education protocol: apply in the evening for 15 days daily, before the first scrubbing session, then use between each scrubbing session.

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