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Farma Bio Technology was founded in Trento, Italy in 1993 as a supplier of hospital medical equipment in the orthopedics sector.

Since 2010 company specializes as a national & international distributor of medical devices for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and dermatology.

Meso Bot – product, based on the action of a particular botoxic-type peptide, which is particularly characterized by activity similar to that of a botulinum toxin. In vitro and in vivo studies show how this peptide promotes the relaxation of mimic muscles and therefore reduces mimic wrinkles (after 1 procedure – 28 days – 21% improvement in skin relief, 20% reduction in wrinkles, 15% firming of the skin).

  • patented peptide formula
  • direct and long-term relaxation of facial wrinkles
  • acts on muscle receptors (mnAChR)
  • safe product – no contraindications

Bot-Ox Home Care

Product with high peptide concentration

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Meso Bot

mesotherapy alternative to botulinum toxin injections

5 ml

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